Saturday, July 9, 2011

Linebacker Keys in the 3-3 Stack Defense Part 3

Wing-T or Dbl WingbacksThe formation that we see the most of is probably some form of Dbl Wing. We use the following keys out of our Stacked alignment.

OLBs both key the opposite HB or WB:
• If the key comes to (motion or after snap) – Outside Point
• If the key stays away – Hit Inside Point looking for the FB Trap/Dive

The MLB keys both WBs (using peripheral vision):
• Keying the direction of initial flow (motion or after snap) – Base Point Flowside

Shotgun One-Back
Against a shotgun, one back run game, we use the following keys:
               OLBs key the opposite back (HB or QB)
                      Flow to (Zone Run) – Outside Point
                      Flow Away (Option) – Inside Point
              The MLB keys and follows the most dangerous runner:
                        Base Point Flowside

These are our basic keys which we install over the spring and summer. We will tweak our keys against certain opponents based on what they are emphasizing. But we feel like these keys give us a good starting point.

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